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Welcome to Ornament & Design.  We make handwoven garments  for you, and decor for your home.

We weave on floor looms with cotton, linen, silk, wool, alpaca, mohair, chenille, Tencel, and blends.  Sometimes we include sparkling threads and unusual textures like bouclé.

Design possibilities are endless.  Cloth that includes ornamentation, a flourish - something extraordinary - draws our attention.

The process of weaving cloth and watching the pattern emerge creates a moment of wonder.  Design features like weave structure, fiber, texture, drape, color and ‘hand’ allow us to create something wonderful to share with you.

Slides are about our weaving and also about our former lavender and alpaca farm.  The color, the fiber, the experimentation brings us here.

You can contact us here.


gog 1E_edited.jpg

Intricate Tencel scarf with rayon bouclé details

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